Alena Polenska; The Russians Are Coming.

Alena Polenska; The Russians Are Coming.

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Czech Republic 1 Russia 3 Wed April 3,2013.
Captain Alena Polenska’s blog on the Russia game:

It is always little harder to write anything after a loss because there is no excitement and one feels more worn down.  The game against Russia was pretty rough because the Russians are strong and play tough. They are bigger and stronger. They were able to control the puck well, and protect it with their bodies well. That resulted in us taking lot of penalties because we could not push them off the puck. I believe the many penalties we took contributed to our lost.

Every time we were gaining momentum or about to gain it, we took a penalty. Then we would kill it off, play 5 on 5 and start to gain pressure, and then got a penalty again. This wasn’t always the case but we took way too many penalties, and lost some of the one-on-one battles on the boards. It is important for us to learn from this. In order to be able to compete with these top teams, we need to work on our strength and speed. Obviously, it won’t happen in one day but in a long run that should be one of our goals.

 As much as it stinks, I must admit that although, the shots were almost even, the Russians overall probably had more chances (including couple of breakaways). In other words, some of their shots were more dangerous but our goalie Radka Lhotska kept us in the game. Overall, it was a low shot game.

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