Czech Republic Alena Polenska & Germany's Anja Weiser.

Czech Republic Alena Polenska & Germany's Anja Weiser.

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Captain Alena Polenska
Czech Republic 3 Germany 6  Friday April 5, 2013

Before, I get to today’s game. I would like to talk about our visit to the Czech embassy in Ottawa. We were scheduled to go there during the day when we did not have a game. We were pretty tired after practice and not too thrilled about going; however, it turned out to be a surprizingly fun experience.

We met a few diplomats and several other people from their staff, who were all very nice. It was interesting for us to see what the embassy looks like. The longer we stayed, the more informal it became. We got an unofficial tour of part of their building. They talked about their work and we talked hockey. It was a nice distraction that made us a bit more relaxed.

We were hoping it would help us for the next day. It was supposed to act as a break from the pressure for few hours, and a distraction from the loss against Russia. Then when we got back to the hotel we tried to refocus on hockey again. As soon as we got back to the hotel, we had a team meeting and a long video with the coaches. Then later that night, we had a small team building activity. That’s how our day before a game ended.

As I said yesterday, it is hard to write after a loss, especially a loss that sends you into the relegation rounds. However, the world championship is not over yet, and we need to find some more strength within us to keep fighting.

Today proves that hockey is a game of 60 minutes, and we played pretty well the first 20 minutes , the score was 1-1 but in the second period, Germany was able to capitalize on their power plays scoring two PP goals and 1 equal strength goal. Once again we were not able to come back from it, and for some reason we stopped playing. We have been trying to figure out why but haven’t yet. Trying to pin point where the mistake was becomes sometimes difficult.

After the second period, the German’s were leading 4-1, our coach told us “If they can score three goals within a short time, so can we.” The goal was to score two goals in the first ten minutes; however, we were not able to do that. We started playing a lot better in the end with about 7 minutes remaining. We scored 2 goals and gained some momentum. Too bad we could not erase the second period, and have a fourth one instead. However, as I said, hockey is played for 60 minutes, and any relapse of a team can cost them a game.

We will try to learn from today’s game, and play full 60 minutes tomorrow. We know that the upcoming games against Sweden will be much harder than the first game. But we want to find a way to save our spot in the top divisio

Anja Weisser plays at the University of Prince Edward Island. Below is her blog for the game vs. Czech Republic.

 Our game against the Czech was scheduled early today so the team went for another morning jog. Wake up call was at 7 am and we left the hotel at 7.30 am to go for a little jog around the parliament and through downtown. It was an early morning and not everyone was up at this them; however we all knew that today is going to be an important day. Our goal was to beat the Czechs.

We knew that they are not to be underestimated but that we have already proven that we can win against them at the Olympic qualification tournament in Weiden, Germany. After the run we had a big healthy breakfast prepared by the Marriot hotel. We left to the rink around 9:40 am; you could tell that the team was mentally ready for the game.

Our off ice warm up traditionally starts with some two touch soccer. Its a tradition and it loosens the teams tension and gets us warmed up before the actual warm up.

After the on ice warm up the coaches spoke. They were confident about the game which gave us encouragement.

Our 6 - 3 win against Czech Republic was well- deserved; the team put in a lot of effort. In addition, it happened to be a great birthday present for our bus driver.

Our player of the game was Tanja Eisenschmid; she had a really good game and besides the German national team she plays for University of North Dakota.




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