Monica Waidacher: Staying Calm Against the US.

Monica Waidacher: Staying Calm Against the US.

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Swiss Forward Monika Waidacher
Friday, April 5th, 2013

Yesterday we had the day off so we could really focus on the game today and every individual person could focus on what she needed to do. We played against the US; it was a really important game for us because tomorrow the quarterfinals are starting and we play against Russia. Therefore this game was really important for us to get a lot of good plays and develop some chemistry that we can use tomorrow against Russia.

 Everyone came really focused to the rink; we all did our own routine to prepare for the game, I personally always tape my stick, go on the bike for 15 minutes and then we do a team warm up that consists of a couple sprints and stretches. Today our theme was smile. We said to each other when we smile we have much more fun, and we play better because we are not so nervous and we were ready right away from the start.

 The game against the US started off really well; we won the first face off and came down right away to their zone. Everyone on our team gave everything they had; we battled for every puck and we had a couple shots on goal. We were all really excited and we were thinking we would go to the first intermission with a 0:0 tie.

Unfortunately, we got a penalty 1 minute before the period ended; the US scored 39 second before the 1st period ended. Then we lost all our focus because just 10 seconds later the US scored again.  The Americans took the first three penalties of the game, and although we did not score on the power play we had a couple good scoring chances.

In the second period, our goalkeeper, Florence Schelling was brilliant. The shots were 21-0 and most of those 21 were great chances.  After 40 minutes it was still 3:0, that was a really good result for us, and it gave us confidence. The US scored two more times early in the third period. The final score was 5:0.

Overall the game was really good, the whole team was really happy. We had a couple good scoring chances and the most important thing was we got a really good feeling for tomorrow’s game vs. Russia. 
Florence Schelling had an outstanding game, she was a huge support for the team, and always kept us in the game.


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