Switzerland's Disappointment Palpable in Quarter-Final.

Switzerland's Disappointment Palpable in Quarter-Final.

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Russia vs. Switzerland Sat April 6th, 2013. Quarter-finals.

Swiss Forward Stefanie Marty

It is tough to write about such a disappointing game. It was a game that we had been preparing for for a whole year; a game for which our team did everything to win. And after all, it was a game that we could have won and should have won. In the end it was simply not our night.

For the third consecutive year Russia was our opponent in the world’s quarterfinal. While they beat us in a dramatic game in 2011, we got the win a year ago. So we were prepared for a big fight and a close and low-scoring game. Russia’s goalie had not allowed a goal in the tournament yet and our team is also known to rely on a strong defense.

We started into the game with high expectations in order to confirm last year’s success. We wanted to build on where we left the night before against team USA. We had great team spirit on the ice and on the bench. We tried to carry this spirit over to this game, but we felt some pressure and were not as relaxed as the night before. This was also noticeable on the ice. During the whole game we only had a few plays with great scoring chances. The game lived mostly from individual efforts and mistakes on both sides.

Over the whole game both teams played more or less on the same level and had equal chances. Thus, the game was back and forth over the whole 60 minutes with the Russians being a little bit luckier. It was them who got the lead twice and which we couldn’t answer the second time; the score was 2-1 early in the third period.  

What we had had on luck the past year, we were lacking on Saturday. It was not easy to come out of the preliminary round with three losses. But we now know that we are close to any teams ranked 3rd to 8th in the world and are positive that the next time we are going to win such a close game. The experience on Saturday is hopefully going to help us in our last game against Germany and also in next year’s Olympic tournament where we are going to be in the exact same position as this year.

Despite the loss the team is full of confidence that we are going to finish the season with a strong performance and a win.

Russia 2 Switzerland 1


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