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Head Coach

Pekka Hämäläinen is also coach of 2011 team.
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Assistant Coach

Jari Risku also coaching 2011 team.
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Pekka Hämäläinen

Pekka Hamalainen

Q&A with Heather McIntyre

December 2009


Q: What other national teams have you coached prior to the women’s team?


A: I have coached the U18 Women’s National Team in 2008-09 which was my first season coaching a female hockey team.


Q: How did the senior team coaching position happen?


A: The Finnish Ice Hockey Association offered this opportunity to me. This is a great opportunity to work with top level athletes and professional staff.


Q: What are Team Finland’s strengths?


A: Good mixture of experience, youth and passion.


Q: What are you working on to improve as the Olympics approach?


A: Speed and endurance along with team play.


Q: Who are the players to watch on Team Finland?


A:  The team will be announced Jan. 13. 2010


Q: Has the team had a different schedule this year because of the Olympics?


A: The team has had training camps or international tournaments every month starting in August 2009 until January 2010 including summer camps in June and August. The national team played 14 games against Midget AAA boys’ teams in November and December.


Q: Tell me about the team’s training and practice routines?


A: The national team players have practiced with Midget AAA boys’ teams. The players have individual training programs since Team Finland is not centralized. The players practice and play for their club teams.


Q: How will your experience coaching national teams before help you on the world’s biggest sports stage?


A: Earlier experience will help me to adjust to new situations, focus on our own team’s performance and to get the best possible result from the team.



Born: 19.7.1953
Home Town: Heinola

Coaching Career

1988 – 1989 JoKP Joensuu junior B Head Coach
1990 – 1994 JoKP Joensuu Coaching Director
1992 – 1994 JoKP, Joensuu Div. 1 Coach
1994 – 1995 K-Karhut, Joensuu Junior A Coach
1995 – 1996 KalPa, Kuopio Coaching Director
1996 KalPa, Kuopio SM-league Head Coach
2004 -  HeKi, Heinola Juniors Coach

National Team
1994 – 1996 Junior U15-16 Coach
1997 – 2001 Junior U15-18 Head Coach
2008 – 2009 U18 Women’s National Team Head Coach

Jari Risku profile

Jari Risku

Born 11.2.1966
Home Town Alavus

Coaching Career
2000 – 2008 Viikingit Jääkiekko Junior Teams
2002 – 2009 Mäkelänrinne, Sports High School Coach 2006 – 2007 Espoo Blues Women's Team Head Coach 2008 – 2009 East Hockey Club Helsinki Junior Teams 2009 - APV Women’s Team Head Coach

National Team
2008 – 2009 U18 Women National Team Coach