2013 U18 World Champ.Schedule Dec. 29 -Jan 5, 2013.

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Group A
CAN - Canada FIN - Finland
GER - Germany HUN - Hungary

Group B
CZE - Czech Republic SWE - Sweden
USA - United States RUS - Russia

# Time Game/Result Grp Round Venue Location

Saturday, December 29, 2012

01 05:00 AM ET SWE - CZE B Preliminary Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
02 07:00 AM ET USA - RUS B Preliminary Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN
03 08:30 AM ET GER - FIN A Preliminary Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
04 10:30 AM ET CAN - HUN A Preliminary Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN

Sunday, December 30, 2012
05 07:00 AM ET CZE - USA B Preliminary Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
06 08:00 AM ET GER - HUN A Preliminary Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN
07 10:30 AM ET FIN - CAN A Preliminary Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
08 11:30 AM ET SWE - RUS B Preliminary Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
09 07:00 AM ET USA - SWE B Preliminary Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
10 08:00 AM ET CAN - GER A Preliminary Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN
11 10:30 AM ET HUN - FIN A Preliminary Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
12 11:30 AM ET RUS - CZE B Preliminary Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
13 07:30 AM ET TBD - TBD - Quarter-final Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
14 09:00 AM ET 4A - 4B - Relegation Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN
15 11:30 AM ET TBD - TBD - Quarter-final Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN

Friday, January 4, 2013
16 07:00 AM ET L13 - L15 - 5th Place Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN
17 07:30 AM ET TBD - TBD - Semifinal Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
18 10:30 AM ET 4B - 4A - Relegation Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN
19 11:30 AM ET TBD - TBD - Semifinal Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN

Saturday, January 5, 2013
20 07:30 AM ET L17 - L19 - Bronze Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN
21 09:00 AM ET 4A - 4B - Relegation Arena Vierumäki Vierumäki, FIN
22 11:30 AM ET W17 - W19 - Gold Arena Heinola Heinola, FIN

Jump at Rare Chance to See Team Russia Play in USA.

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This schedule was just sent to me. If you get a chance take in the Russian team playing 6 exhibition games in the US against college and club teams starting Thursday.

Here is Team Russia's 2012  Schedule in USA:

Thurs. Nov 22 @ Univ. of Maine at Lewiston arena, Maine at 7PM FINAL SCORE.  RUSSIA 3 UM 0. Go to for details on the game.

Sat. Nov 24 @ Northeastern University Mathews Arena Boston at 7PM

Mon Nov 26 @ Boston University at Walter Brown Arena at 7PM

Tue Nov 27 @ Boston Blades at Veterans Memorial Arena Somerville at 7PM

Wed Nov 28 @ Boston Blades at Lawrence Academy Boston at 6:30 PM

Sat Dec 1 @ Harvard Bright Hockey Center, 65 North Harvard Street, Boston, MA 02134 at 3PM

For ticket information go to the individual US team web sites.

IIHF Wins International Peace and Sports Award.

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IIHF Wins International Sports Federation of the Year at Peace and Sport Awards.

For the development program “Balkan Ice Hockey Union“, the IIHF has been named the International Sports Federation of the Year by the 2012 Peace and Sport Awards.

These awards are meant to “reward the expertise of various stakeholders working for sustainable peace through sport, through initiatives which promote best practices in the field.” The awards ceremony was held on Thursday, 1 November as part of the 2012 Peace and Sport International Forum in Sochi, Russia.

“I am very happy and proud to accept this award on behalf of the IIHF and the Balkan Ice Hockey Union,” said IIHF President and IOC Executive Committee member René Fasel. “It reassures us that we did the right thing by identifying the Balkan region to stage a developmental project of this scale.” 

René Fasel recognizes two former IIHF Council Members for making it possible to launch the “Balkan Ice Hockey Union”.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Ernest Aljancic and the support from the Vice President of Gazprom, Alexander Medvedev,” said Fasel. “I would like to extend a warm thank you to both Ernest and Alex for their commitment to this cause.”

Encompassing nine countries with a total population of 150 million, the BIHU project aims to extend the regional co-operation between the members during a four-year period with a string of short- and long term programs. The participating nations are: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

“What makes me real proud is that this goes beyond ice hockey and sport,” said René Fasel. “This is truly also a humanitarian peace project directed to a region which we all know has suffered greatly in the 90s. The project is ice hockey’s contribution of bringing stability, unity and happiness back to the region.”


Angela James: A Review of the New Biography.

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Angela James: the First Superstar of Women’s Hockey by Corey Long and Tom Bartsiokas.

I should acknowledge that I featured Angela James in our book On the Edge, Women Making Hockey History with co-author Megan Williams in 1996. I was looking forward to reading the most up-to-date story in this biography, Angela James: the First Superstar of Women’s Hockey by two new book authors Corey Long and Tom Bartsiokas who also work at Seneca College; an institution that reveres James and retired her number in 2001. She was a student athlete and is a long-time employee in the athletics department. It was a pleasure to see our book referenced throughout the bio.

The James book opens with Angela James induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2010; the first women and lesbian to be inducted as well as the second black person. A fitting tribute to a player who is appropriately called a superstar in the women’s game.

Parts of Angela James family story are well known in the hockey world; a mixed race child in a family with a single mother with 4 other siblings and 5 different fathers. Her mother Donna struggled with poverty and depression throughout her life. The authors add much more detail and colour to the story taking the reader through James childhood and family struggles living in Ontario housing called Flemingdon Park. Finding a place in sport especially hockey was a way for James, the outsider to find community, success and ultimately identity.
There is a very telling paragraph on page 20 in the book which explains what motivated Angela James:

Angela would attribute her temper to being what she calls “survival mode” throughout her childhood and adolescence, whether in dust-ups with her sisters or other kids in the Park, she was always on guard. On the ice and on the street Angela was often left without parental supervision and had to fend for herself, her sister and her friends –it shaped her personality as an athlete and an adult. As well Angela was one of the very few black children in Flemingdon Park at the time and people would ridicule her maker her doubt her family lineage, telling her there was no way a black girl could have a white mother and sisters. “You were constantly fighting for who you are,” says Angela. You were always fighting for your identity.”

The book tracks her dominance in college and the women’s club leagues in Ontario in the 80s and 90s. It also takes the reader in specific detail through each of James significant hockey events especially with Team Canada in the 90s. The highlights were the first world championship in 1990 where James was a force with 13 points in 5 games. That world championship also marked a renaissance in the women’s elite game and the launch of Canada’s national team.

James played on Team Canada until 1997 in each world championship but was cut from the team prior to the 1998 Olympics. (She later played for Canada in two 3 Nations tournaments 1999/2000)  It was controversial and a huge disappointment. She was caught in an unfortunate set of circumstances and I believe a misunderstanding. She developed a thyroid condition which went undiagnosed and caused her to lose weight and suffer from fatigue while trying out for the team. James blames the Team Canada coaches for not getting her help. I believe it was up to both the player and the team staff to determine what was amiss and it is clear there was an unfortunate communication problem. In addition elite hockey at that level had been changing exponentially every year since 1990; more systems, more management, more emphasis on training/team play and leadership. It was no longer about one player dominating the game.

Angela James will be remembered for the excitement she brought to the hockey. This book leaves no doubt about her scoring skills and contribution to the national team. Her awards including the arena in Flemingdon Park renamed the Angela James arena are just rewards for a hugely successful life in hockey. The biography is an important addition to the history of the game.

Published by Women's Press Literary an imprint of Three OClock Press.
Title: Angela James: The First Superstar of Women's Hockey.
Cost: $15.00
Paperback: 163 pages with black and white photos through out.

Elizabeth Etue

Canada's Roster 4 Nations Cup 2012.

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Canada’s National Women’s Team for 4 Nations Cup includes:

• 21 members of Canada’s National Women’s Team that won gold at the 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship in Burlington, Vt. (Agosta, Apps, Bendus, Birchard, Bonhomme, Bram, Hefford, Irwin, Jenner, Johnston, Labonté, Lacasse, Larocque, Mikkelson, Ouellette, Poulin, Spooner, Szabados, Wakefield, Ward and Wickenheiser);

• 13 members of Canada’s gold medal-winning team from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, B.C. (Agosta, Apps, Bonhomme, Hefford, Irwin, Johnston, Labonté, Mikkelson, Ouellette, Poulin, Szabados, Ward and Wickenheiser);

• 17 players who represented Canada at the 2012 4 Nations Cup in Nyköping, Sweden (Agosta, Apps, Bendus, Birchard, Hefford, Irwin, Jenner, Johnston, Labonté, Larocque, Ouellette, Poulin, Slusar, Spooner, Szabados, Wakefield and Wickenheiser).

Dan Church, head coach at York University, Toronto Ontario will be joined behind the bench at the 2012 4 Nations Cup by assistant coaches Danielle Goyette from University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta and Lisa Haley head coach at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario.

# Player S/C Ht. Wt. Birthdate Hometown/Country Team/Organization

1 Shannon Szabados L 5'8 147 06/08/1986 Edmonton, Alta. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (ACAC)
31 Geneviéve Lacasse L 5'8 147 05/05/1989 Kingston, Ont. Boston (CWHL)
32 Charline Labonté L 5'9 163 15/10/1982 Boisbriand, Que. Montreal (CWHL)

3 Jocelyne Larocque L 5'6 140 19/05/1988 Ste. Anne, Man. Alberta (CWHL)
11 Courtney Birchard L 5'9 151 14/07/1989 Mississauga, Ont. Brampton (CWHL)
12 Meaghan Mikkelson R 5'9 150 04/01/1985 St. Albert, Alta. Alberta (CWHL)
14 Bobbi Jo Slusar L 5'4 140 06/06/1985 Swift Current, Sask. Alberta (CWHL)
18 Catherine Ward L 5'6 135 28/02/1987 Montreal, Que. Montreal (CWHL)
25 Tessa Bonhomme L 5'7 140 23/07/1985 Sudbury, Ont. Toronto (CWHL)
27 Tara Watchorn L 5'9.5 176 30/05/1990 Newcastle, Ont. Alberta (CWHL)

2 Meghan Agosta L 5'7 147 12/02/1987 Ruthven, Ont. Montreal (CWHL)
6 Rebecca Johnston L 5'9 147 24/09/1989 Sudbury, Ont. Toronto (CWHL)
9 Jennifer Wakefield R 5'10 166 15/06/1989 Pickering, Ont. Toronto (CWHL)
10 Gillian Apps L 6'0 177 02/11/1983 Unionville, Ont. Brampton (CWHL)
13 Caroline Ouellette L 5'11 172 25/05/1979 Montreal, Que. Montreal (CWHL)
16 Jayna Hefford L 5'5 138 14/05/1977 Kingston, Ont. Brampton (CWHL)
17 Bailey Bram L 5'7 148 05/09/1990 Ste-Anne, Man. Brampton (CWHL)
19 Brianne Jenner R 5'9 159 04/05/1991 Oakville, Ont. Cornell University (ECAC)
21 Haley Irwin L 5'7 172 06/06/1988 Thunder Bay, Ont. Montreal (CWHL)
22 Hayley Wickenheiser R 5'10 171 12/08/1978 Shaunavon, Sask. University of Calgary (CIS)
24 Natalie Spooner R 5'9 186 17/10/1990 Scarborough, Ont. Toronto (CWHL)
28 Vicki Bendus R 5'2 110 17/04/1989 Wasaga Beach, Ont. Brampton (CWHL)
29 Marie-Philip Poulin L 5'6 160 28/03/1991 Beauceville, Que. Boston University (HE)