Final Standings & Player Awards 2013 World Championship.

The 2013 World Championship concluded in Ottawa on April 9, with the United States capturing the gold medal beating Canada 3-2. Russia won the bronze, defeating Finland 2-0. Final attendance was 98,155 which ranks second all-time, behind the 2007 world championship in Winnipeg, Man., which had an attendance of 119,231.


Gold       United States

Silver      Canada

Bronze    Russia

4th         Finland

5th         Germany

6th         Switzerland

7th         Sweden

8th         Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is relegated to the IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship, Division 1. The team that wins the 2013 World Championship, Division 1A, currently underway in Norway, will be promoted to the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship. There in no world championship in Olympic years. 


Top scorer:                                Marie-Philip Poulin (CAN) – 12 points       

Top scoring defenceman:            Catherine Ward (CAN)    - six points

Most goals:                                Marie-Philip Poulin (CAN), Brianna Decker (USA) – six goals

Most assists:                               Amanda Kessel (USA), Marie-Philip Poulin (CAN), Catherine Ward (CAN) – six assists

Top plus/minus:                         Marie-Philip Poulin (CAN) - +12

Top goals-against average:         Nadezhda Alexandrova (RUS) – 0.29 (among goaltenders with 60 per cent or more of team minutes played)


Top goaltender:             Nadezhda Alexandrova (RUS)

Top defenceman:           Jenni Hiirikoski (FIN)

Top forward:                 Marie-Philip Poulin (CAN)


Goaltender:                   Noora Raty (FIN)

Defenceman:                 Meaghan Mikkelson (CAN)

Defenceman:                 Catherine Ward (CAN)

Forward:                       Brianna Decker (USA)

Forward:                       Marie-Philip Poulin (CAN)

Forward:                       Jennifer Wakefield (CAN)

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (as voted on by the media)

Marie-Philip Poulin (CAN)

Play-off Round

Bronze Medal Game

Date            Time Venue Game
9 Apr, Tue 15:30 GMT-4 SBP Arena FIN 0 RUS  2

Gold Medal Game
Date           Time                   Venue Game
9 Apr, Tue 19:30 GMT-4 SBP Arena CAN 2 USA  3

Date           Time Venue Game
8 Apr, Mon 15:30 GMT-4 SBP Arena USA 3 FIN 0

8 Apr, Mon 19:30 GMT-4 SBP Arena CAN RUS 0

Placement Round 5th/6th
Date          Time              Venue   Game
8 Apr, Mon 11:30 GMT-4 SBP Arena  GER 5 SUI 3

Date           Time Venue Game
6 Apr, Sat 15:30 GMT-4 SBP Arena FIN 1 GER  0

6 Apr, Sat 19:30 GMT-4 SBP Arena SUI 1 RUS  2

Relegation Round
6 Apr, Sat 16:00 GMT-4    Nepean Sportsplex
CZE 1 vs SWE 2
8 Apr, Mon 12:00 GMT-4 Nepean Sportsplex
Sweden 4 Czech Republic  0

Preliminary Round
SBP Arena
2013 World Championship Schedule/Results in Ottawa Ontario.

Group A
2 Apr, Tue FIN 2 SUI 1

2 Apr, Tue CAN 3 USA 2 shoot-out.

3 Apr, Wed USA 4  FIN 2

3 Apr, Wed SUI 0 CAN  13

5 Apr, Fri USA 5 SUI 0

5 Apr, Fri CAN 13  FIN 0

Nepean Sportsplex Group B

2 Apr, Tue    RUS  4 GER  0

2 Apr, Tue    SWE 2 CZE  3

3 Apr, Wed   RUS 3 CZE  1

3 Apr, Wed   GER 2 SWE 3

5 Apr, Fri       CZE 3 GER 6

5 Apr, Fri       SWE 0 RUS 4