Interview: Peter Elander - Team Sweden Coach


Six Questions for Peter Elander Nov. 2009
Q. What are the biggest challenges the team is facing?
A. The biggest challenge is to have young players that don’t get caught up in the celebrity show at the Olympic Games. We have an average age of 22; just 3 players 25 and older and 13 players re between18-21 years. And we also face really strong teams especially the North Americans who are fully centralized.
Q. What has changed with this team since last worlds?
A. We have had a bigger program with more time in Canada, and Kim Martin, our goaltender is back healthy and in excellent shape.
Q. How would you describe your coaching style?
A. Hardworking. I don’t leave anything not done (that’s why i traveled to the tournament in Slovakia in November 2009). I am calculated and look for the long perspective, I may be too loud on the bench!! I want to have players with passion for the sport in every game and every shift. I want them to be there!!!
Q. What kind of team do you have?
A. We have  a well organized and physically strong team. Good defensive team.
Q. What are your teams strengths and weaknesses?
A. Strength- see above. If I would say two words it would be: WORK ETHIC!!! Weaknesses: we need better puck control and better finishing to get goals.
Q. Who should we be watching that is new and will have impact for 2010?
A. I think that Elin Holmlöv who got injured the last week before Torino 2006 will stick out, and 18 year old Klara Myhren will be doing a lot on the penalty killing team. On defence Emma Nordin, 18 years old, will show skills that will be world class in the next decade. Interesting center is the little sister of Atlanta Thrashers Top D Tobias Enström. Her name is Tina Enström and she is a 2 way center, an excellent skater with a hard shot. She understands the game having grown up at  kitchen table that produced 1 nhl player, 2 Swedish men’s elite league players and 1 female national team player