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Q/A with Kristi Patton | February 4, 2010

Q. What was your 'Wow, I'm on the senior national women's team" moment?

A. My "wow" moment was when I got home for Christmas which was just after we had found out (about making the team) and see how proud my family, friends and the entire city was of me. I think it was then that it hit me.

Q. Which player is the funniest on the team?

A. Everyone and anyone can make me laugh. I think we all have a bit of a funny side that comes out now and then.

Q. What is your routine on game day?

A. My game day routine is to have pre-game skate then eat lunch, take a nap and relax, eat pre-game meal, get ready for the game, grab a coffee and head to the rink.

Q. What is the atmosphere like in the dressing room on game day?

A. The atmosphere is relaxed, having fun but yet focusing on the game. Certain people talk and sing more then others but that doesn't change from any other day to a game day. We all act and do the same things.

Q. Do you have any rituals or superstitions?

A. Agosta and I have a couple rituals that we do, other then that for me the only ritual I have is the way I put my hockey gear on which is probably more of a routine then anything.

Q. What is the last thing you do before hitting the ice?

A. The last thing I do before going on the ice is a handshake with Agosta.

Q. What has been your favourite team bonding experience so far?

A. My favorite team bonding experience so far was Dawson Creek ( 4 week training camp May/June 2009). We all became so close and it was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through but at the same time we made memories that will last a lifetime.

Q. What do you do to keep busy on long road trips?

A.I usually listen to music, play games on my ipod, we watch movies and I try to nap!

Q. What do you like to do on your downtime?

A. In my down time I like to just relax and just do whatever that day brings. Sometimes it's shopping or hanging out with my sister since she lives in Calgary or going to the movies, or hanging out with teammates to play Mario or Rock Band.

Q. Did you live with any of the players while being centralized? 

A.I lived with Jocelyne Laroque and Jennifer Wakefield. We have a great house and they were both great roommates. This year has been a year like no other but I loved it!

Q. Have any nicknames for yourself or others on the team?

A. My nicknames are Irwee, Irv, Irvine, Michelle, Ir Dawg. The only one that I can really explain is Michelle. We were traveling and their was a girl in the airport that everyone on the team thought I looked identical too. They made me take a picture with her and her name was Michelle.