Alena Polenska

Below is a profile on Alena Polenska at 17 playing for the juniior national team. She will be blogging for WINIH at the 2013 world championship. She is the Captain of the team.

Under 18 World Championship 2008.
Hockey News Column Elizabeth Etue

Seventeen year old Alena Polenska’s story isn’t well known but that’s changing. Her parents, who live outside Prague, put her on skates at 1 to play hockey with her 3 year old brother. She excelled on the boys teams including an international hockey camp in the 9th grade where a US coach told her she was good enough to play abroad. Months later she got an offer to attend Wyoming Seminary Prep School in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Her mother said no but Polenska left home. “It was something I had always wanted,” admitted the Czech star, “there was nothing Mom could do about it.” The youngster led her Czech Republic team to a bronze medal at the Under 18 worlds scoring 9 points in 5 games.