Lucie Manhartova

Interview March 2013 with Elizabeth Etue via email.

EE: How long have you been playing on the national team?
LM: I have been playing on the national team starting as a 16 year old, when I started to play for U18 and also for the senior Czech national team.

EE: Did you play on the U-18 team?
LM: Yes, I played on the U18 team for two years. We were the third place in 2008 in Calgary, Canada, and we were the fourth place on the world in 2009 in F├╝ssen, Germany..

EE: How did you start playing hockey and at what age?
LM: I started playing hockey at six years old and I chose hockey, because my brother was playing ice hockey too and I always wanted to do what he did.

EE: Do other family members play hockey?
LM: Yes, my brother. And my father used to play hockey, now he is just the coach.

EE: How long have you played on Slavia Prague team?
LM: First, I played with boys for HC Slavia Prague and then I started to play with women. I played for this Slavia team all my hockey life.

EE: How many games a season do you have?
LM: Each season is different, I remember when i had about 70 games per a season, but normally I have about 40 games per a season.

EE: Have you ever played outside Czech Republic?
LM: Yes, I started playing with Norwich University in US this year.

EE: What is the biggest challenge for you at this upcoming world championship?
LM: The biggest challenge for me is to see the great female hockey players play ice hockey, also to compete in the elite group with the seven best hockey teams in the world.