Katerina Mrazova

Interview via email with Elizabeth Etue March 2013.

EE: How long have you been playing on the national team?
KM: I have been playing since 2008 senior team. It was my first time at an official event organized by IIHF.

EE: Did you play on the U-18 team?
KM: Yes, I played for the U-18 team from 2008 to 2010.

EE: How did start playing hockey and at what age?
KM: I started when I was 3 years old. My older brother played hockey and I went to watch his games with my parents. I really wanted to play but my parents were not supportive of that idea. So I had to try to convince them to let me switch from being a majorette to being a hockey player. As time went on my parents got used to the idea of me playing hockey, and became very supportive.

EE: How long have you played on SC Kolin team and what is the league like compared to international hockey?
KM: Since I started to play hockey, I have always played for SC Kolin up until last season. It is hard for me compare the leagues because in Czech I had played with boys but here in the USA I play on a women´s team Boston Blades in CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League).

EE: How many games a season do you have?
KM: I have to play approximately 45 games.

EE: How many practices each week for your team in this league?
KM: In the CWHL-Boston Blades we had only two practices a week.

EE: Have you ever played outside Czech Republic before this year?
KM: This was my first seasons that I played abroad.

EE: Some of your teammates on the national team have gone to US colleges; was that something that interested you?
KM: Yes, of course. I would also like to attend a college and play hockey there.

EE: What does Czech Republic Ice Hockey Federation need to do to increase the number of players in your country?
KM: The easiest answer is money. There is not enough financial support for women´s hockey but it goes beyond the financial aspect. Additionally it is about how people view women´s hockey; they do not take it seriously, and some people do not even know it exists. Besides, some people think it is not right for women to play hockey because they view hockey as a male sport. Thus, It would be good for women´s hockey if people did not compare it to men´s hockey because the men will always be stronger and faster but the women´s game also has its magic that people should learn to see. For example no one compares women´s a men´s basketball or tennis; people look at it as its own sport.