Kristina Petrovskaya

Kristina Petroyvskaya is not listed on the roster for the 2012 Russian team at the world championship in Vermont, USA.

Elizabeth Etue interview via email. Nov.2009

Q. Most important influence in your hockey experience?

A. My most important influence in my hockey experience is myself, when I was in about 6 years old, I watched ice hockey game on TV. Since then I love hockey. It is my favorite game.

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses on your team?

A. I think my strength is playmaking, good hands and hustle until the whistle. I never think about weakness, it's a team game everybody make mistakes, we try to help each other in the game.

Q. Favourite hockey experience?

A. 2001 IIHF World Championship in Minnesota 3rd place and Olympic Winter Games.

Q. What is your national teams biggest advantages and challenges?

A. Every year new young players improve their skills, grow up and try to become stronger and compete with the most experience players. The new system of training on and off the ice also improves.

Q. What would you ask your country's fans to do to support the team?

A. I wish that somebody would come to watch our games and support the team!

Q. When did you start playing hockey and who taught you?

A. I started playing hockey since I was 7 years old with boys team. By the time I turned 16 I started playing for the national team. National team since 1996 until now. Club team since 2005 until now.

Q. What is a regular training day for you?

A. We practice every day 2 times a day on and off the ice, 4 hours a day.

Q. Who inspires you in the hockey world?

A. My mom and my friends inspire me, they believe and support me every day.

Q. Have you played for a team anywhere else in the world?

A. I played for University of Minnesota Duluth, USA.

Q. What is your mental motivation to keep working so hard?

A. Of course, the Olympic Winter Games, my dream is to win a medal. I work hard for it.