Nina in red jersey


Nina Waidacher

Nina Waidacher goes to a private college in Duluth Minnesota where she also plays hockey. Here is her interview April 2012 with Elizabeth Etue.

EE: How long have you played on national team?
NW: 4 years with Under 18 Team and 2 years with the A-National team

EE: Personal awards and highlights for you on national team?
NW: Promotion from Division 1 to Top Division with the under 18 National team in 2010

EE: How did you get involved in hockey?
NW:My dad played hockey for a long time and he also was the president of my first hockey club. I have seven siblings and they are all playing hockey too.

EE: What do you love about playing the game?
NW: I love the intensity on the ice. And to play as a team but every single person on the team is important. Hockey is not just a sport it is a passion.

EE: Growing up…difficulties… challenges to play hockey as a girl.
NW: I started to play hockey with boys and did this until I had to stop it because of the rules. Of course I sometimes had a hard time but I loved to play hockey with boys and grow up like that. I never really knew anything else than to be the only girl in my team. I didn’t want to play just on a women’s team because everyone knew the intensity isn’t the same. All the boys and the coaches respected me as a girl through all those years.

EE: What team are you playing with now and why?
NW: I am playing since 1 year, 2011/2012, hockey at the college of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota. Hockey in the USA is very different than back in Switzerland. It was a big step for me to go overseas and play on a college team.

EE: How would you describe the caliber of club hockey in your country?
NW: It is hard to say, we do not have thousands of female players in our country like USA or Canada. They can choose which players are the best for their team from a large group. But we in Switzerland we have to take what we have and that makes club hockey less professional than other countries. But I think, women’s hockey is growing more and more in Switzerland and it also gets a lot more attention than in the past years. We still have to work a lot but I think we are on the right way to the top.

EE:What is a typical week for you; how much hockey and what else; work or school or?
NW: I have practice at my college 6 times a week and 3 times a week off-ice practice. I go to school to study around four hours a day.

EE: Who is your favorite female player and why?
NW: Brianna Decker, University of Wisconsin. I love how she skates and plays with the puck. Her hands are just awesome and it’s great to watch every single play she does.

EE: Who are the leaders in women's hockey in your country and what are they doing?
NW: Our leader in Switzerland in women’s hockey is our goalie, Florence Schelling. She plays at the Northeastern University for four years and she also is our first goalie on the national team for eight years.

EE: What do you think of the web site
NW: I like it a lot. It’s good to see how other players from other countries are thinking and about their national team. And also how you can get so much information about all the events they are coming up.

EE: What could be done in online media to help women's international hockey?
NW: I think we should show the public how much we are working every day for our sport, and that especially because for us hockey just can be a hobby. We can’t, no matter how good we are, play for a team and get paid. We will never have the chance to live on any earnings with hockey.

EE: What has changed with this team since last world championship?
NW: I don’t know I had a surgery and couldn’t play in the last worlds.