European Champions Cup 2011-12

Elin Holmlov: We Are The E.C.C. Champions.

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Elin Holmlov at the European Champions Cup in Finland. Feb. 27th, 2012.

This is the last game in the EWCC and we were all so excited before the game. We knew that we had a good chance to bring it all back to Russia when looking at the results in the previous games during the weekend. We knew that the Swiss team beat the Finns 6-2 the day before but we also knew that the Finns (HPK Hämeenlinna) have a good team. So, so, so exciting; we could feel the trophy in our hands....

Before the game we talked a lot about staying calm and playing with confidence; keep sticking to our game plan and working hard. We started out with the same lines as we had in the other games and this game we had Kim Martin in net.

The first period was scoreless; both teams played well and the goaltending was excellent. Their goalie made a lot of saves and Kim was solid as a rock as usual.

Before the second we talked about keeping a forward high in the offensive zone since they got a few odd man rushes in the first as well as we talked about challenging the goalie more. The first goal of the game was scored by Galina Skiba on a nice pass from Melissa Jaques. A little later HPK got a goal against Kim after we made a few mistakes in the neutral zone. They made a nice play and put the puck in the net. With the game now tied at 1-1; we started playing only 2 lines. At the end of the period we got a 5 on 4 opportunity and then a 5 on 3. There was a lot of emotion in the 5 on 3 and people were yelling "shoot". Inna Dubanok made a nice pass to Jana Kapustova who deflected the puck in the net! We had a 2-1 lead after the second period.

Going into the third we were relaxed; this period we had full control. We played only 2 lines and put three more goals in. The game ended 5-1 for us!!!

When the signal went after the last period everyone was so happy and rushed out onto the ice. Sticks, gloves, and helmets were thrown all over and we were all so excited to have won the EWCC! Amazing!! The national anthem of Russia was played and everyone sang as loud as they could!!! This is a very good team and when we play like we can we are very hard to stop; so many players that are fun to watch and such much talent. It is also a very special team and staff to be around, everyone is great and we have a lot of fun together. Inna Dubanok was named the best defense in the tournament and Melissa Jaques the best forward! Congrats!

After the game we got to celebrate our win at our hotel and it was a great, fun time!

Editors Note: Third period goals in order were by: Olga Permyakova, Svetlana Tkachyova and Elin Holmlov.

Game Summary:


Moscow Tornado Win First Game vs Swiss.

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Here is the first blog from Elin Holmlov who is playing for Moscow Tornado in the finals in the European Champions Cup in Finland. She is also the Assistant Captain for the Swedish national team. There are three Swedes, goalie Kim Martin, Elin and Danijela Rundqvist, 1 Canadian, Melissa Jaques and 1 Slovakian, Jana Kapusta on her team.

Blog 1 Friday Feb 25th, 2012.

Today started out with a 30 min pre game skate and it felt good to try out the ice here in Häämenlinna. We had a good practice with drills we are used to such as a 2vs1 from the corner and put some extra practice into our power play. After the practice we had a lot of time before the lunch at the rink so a lot of us were kicking the soccer ball around and just having fun. I think there was a good feeling all around in our team. We were ready to play!

In our team meeting before the game vs. the Swiss team (ZSC Lions, Zurich), we talked about the previous game we played against this team back in the qualification round. They have a good team with talented players. The most important thing being said in our meeting was that we had to come out strong from the start and score the first goal and keep building after that.

The first period started, we came out strong and ended up getting a power play just a few minutes in. We had great movement and Inna Dyubanok scored a nice top corner goal above the goalies catcher on a slap shot from the point (Editors note: assisted by Elin Holmlov and Swedish national teammate, Danijela Rundqvist). Beautiful and we were up 1-0. This relaxed us as a team but ZC Lions were able to put a puck in our net and the game was tied. They made a nice play from behind the net to an open player who put it in top shelf. The last 10 minutes or so of this period we played with a one woman disadvantage, we kept getting penalties but were able to kill all of them off.

Before heading onto the ice for the second period we talked about the importance of playing strong but not getting penalties. There was also a lot of emphasizes on us scoring but at the same time be calm because there is still 40 minutes left in the game. The second period had chances both ways but remained tied at 1-1. With 15 seconds left in the third we ended up with a 5-3 man advantage.

Before the start of the third we talked about our great chance to capitalize on our 5-3 advantage and the importance of putting the puck in the net. Keep shooting and keep going for rebounds. The period started and we were able to put the puck in after about 30 seconds on a goal by Jana Kapustova, a rebound from a shot by Assistant Captain, Tatiana Burina and a pass from Melissa Jaques. That sure felt great for our team and everyone was able to relax. The third period we played 2 lines and were in full control and 2-1 was the final score of the games. Canadian Melissa Jaques got player of the game for us.

This game was a pretty close game and it feels good to get the first win under our belts. The nerves of playing in this tournament have now been settled and we are ready to come out strong tomorrow.

For Complete Stats:


 Feb. 25 3 14:00 Hämeenlinna Tornado Moscow Region vs. ESC Planegg
 Feb. 25 4 18:00 Hämeenlinna HPK Hämeenlinna vs. ZSC Lions Zurich
Feb. 26 5 14:00 Hämeenlinna ZSC Lions Zurich vs. ESC Planegg
Feb. 26 6 18:00 Hämeenlinna HPK Hämeenlinna vs. Tornado Moscow Region
All times listed are local time.


Moscow Tornado: The Finals of Euro. Cup 2012.

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Elin Holmlov plays for the Moscow Tornado and will Guest Blog for WINIH during the final starting Feb. 24-26th. Here is her first blog. Feb.23, 2012.

The EWCC final round is finally here and we are so ready to play, this is one of the big highlights of the year and it is so exciting that it is finally here!

Since the last round of the EWCC we have had a Christmas break where all of our national team players have been at various camps representing their home countries. In the beginning of January we had 3 away games against a team called Krasnayarsk Lokomotiv which is in Siberia. After that we went back to the home town, Dmitrov and played 3 games against Chelyabinsk Fakel and another 3 games against Ufa Agidel. We won all of those games and are undefeated this season going into the EWCC final round.

February has been a month without any games for us in the Russian championship, however, once again all of the national team players on our team has been away representing their countries. We have all been back in Dmitrov for about one week now. The EWCC is huge for this team! We are all prepared; we know we need to play at our highest level to bring the gold back to Russia!!

We start the tournament on Friday, Feb.24th against the Swiss team, which we played in our first round. They have a good team and one of their strengths is their great goalie.
Our second game will be against the German team, they have good players and finished second in their qualifying round.

The third game against the team from Häämelinna will be the battle of the two winners from the prior groups. It is expected to be our toughest competition in the final round.

This will be fun, the EWCC is a great tournament! Can't wait for the games to start!

Final Tournament
Location: Hämeenlinna, Finland
Tornado Moscow Region (RUS)
HPK Hämeenlinna (FIN)
ZSC Lions Zurich (SUI)
ESC Planegg (GER).

Game Schedule
Feb. 24 1 14:00 Hämeenlinna ESC Planegg vs. HPK Hämeenlinna
Feb. 24 2 18:00 Hämeenlinna ZSC Lions Zurich vs. Tornado Moscow Region
Feb. 25 3 14:00 Hämeenlinna Tornado Moscow Region vs. ESC Planegg
Feb. 25 4 18:00 Hämeenlinna HPK Hämeenlinna vs. ZSC Lions Zurich
Feb. 26 5 14:00 Hämeenlinna ZSC Lions Zurich vs. ESC Planegg
Feb. 26 6 18:00 Hämeenlinna HPK Hämeenlinna vs. Tornado Moscow Region

All times listed are local time.


Moscow Tornado: Journey to Euro Cup.

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Elin Holmlov, assistant captain with Team Sweden also plays for the Moscow Tornado. She blogged for WINIH and her team's three games in Austria for the second stage of the Euoropean Champions Cup. Here are games 2-3. see below for game 2.

Third and Final Game
Dec. 4th vs. Herlev Hornets (Denmark)

Today we faced the Danish team. Going into this game we knew that they had lost both their previous games and we had won ours. By winning the other two games we had already advanced to the final round in February so our coaches told us to finish strong here in Austria but also relax and have fun.
We knew we would be in the Danish offensive zone quite a lot and therefore it was expected that we would practice quality shots and make the goalie work. Today’s game was about having fun, creating beautiful plays and scoring chances.

The Danish team worked hard but we are a stronger team and in better physical condition. We out skated them and outshot them. Their goaltender played a solid game and she received the player of the game award for her team.

The game was mainly played in their offensive zone, we created a lot of scoring chances so we put a lot of pucks in the net. After the first period we were up 3-1, then four goals in the 2nd period and another four in the final period. The goals scorers on our team were Marina Sergina, Jana Kapustova, Melissa Jaques, Zoya Polynina, Katia Smolina, Svetlana Kolmykova, Natasha Kovaleva. I had four goals. The final score was 11-1.

We did what was expected of us here in Austria. We won all three games and secured a spot in the final round in the Final Tournament, February 24 to 26, 2012. ZSC Lions came in second. The best two teams of each second-round group advance to the final tournament.

We celebrated our wins with a relaxed team dinner in Dornbirn. Our next games in Russia will be after Christmas when we start the next half of the Russian Championships. We had a great time in Austria; this event was very well organized. We can't wait for the final round of the European Champions Cup.

For complete scores on our F Group games go to:


Second Game Dec. vs. ZCS Lions (Swiss)
Spectators 268.

Since our game was at 4pm local time, we went on a team walk in the morning to get moving and ready for the game. We walked near the mountains enjoying a pretty view even though the weather was cooler. We took a team picture and headed back to the hotel to relax and do individual preparations for the game.

Before the game…
We all knew that this was going to be the hardest game in this round, and our coaches stressed team discipline and staying composed. The line-up was the same as yesterday’s game with Anna Prugova in net again. The Swiss team has some Swiss national team players as well as one of the Finnish national team goalies who is very solid in net. They have a strong team with players who work hard every shift.

The game…
Today's game started pretty even, both teams had scoring chances and the Swiss were able to score a short-handed goal for the lead in the first period. Later on, Tatiana Burina tied up the score with a power play goal after taking a rebound on a shot from Melissa Jaques who got a pass from Jana Kapustova. After the first period our coaches talked about taking more shots and being more efficient.
Midway through the second period Burina struck again putting us in the lead after popping in a rebound. We managed to keep the 2-1 lead throughout the second period. It was high pressure and but we also created a lot of scoring chances. In the dressing room, our coaches emphasized shooting and creating rebounds.
The third period we came out energized. We stayed disciplined and composed. It paid off! Our defenseman pinched down and did a great job keeping the puck in the offensive zone, passing to Galina Skina who made a perfect shot pass right on my stick and it went in off the post.

Post-game thoughts…
Both teams played well. It was the "final" of this qualification round so it felt very good to win. Today we came out a lot stronger and proved we can be a great team. We followed the instructions of our coaches and kept our emotions in check. Tatiana Burina played a superb game. With her two goals today she had a huge impact and won player of the game. The goalie on the Swiss team also won player of the game for them. She really made us work for our goals. Our goalie, Anna Prugova, was strong again in net. The Swiss team had a couple good scoring chances but Anna played calm and steady denying them in key situations. Final Score: Russia 3 Swiss 1



Moscow vs France: Euro Champions Cup.

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Elin Holmlov plays for Moscow Tornado. Here is her first blog on the game vs France. Elin will be sending more blogs from Austria but has limited access to the internet so the blogs could be a day or so after the games.

Moscow Tornado vs. Grenoble Brûleurs de Loups (France) Dec. 2, 2011.

Before the game…
As usual, our team has our meeting an hour and a half before the puck drops. During the meeting for today's game the focus was being efficient and coming out strong from the start. Keep playing the way we have been this season and do the little things right, like fore checking and getting pucks to the net. There was a good mood in the locker room; everyone is excited and ready to play.

The French team...
The French team had a very stable goalie who kept them in the game. I think she played very well, making a ton of saves. She got the player of game award, which was well deserved! The team were smaller than our team plus we were stronger. They were hard workers and definitely had some talent on their team.

Our team…
Anna Prugova was in net for our first game. There were no other changes to the line-up.

First period...
Early on in the first period we got a penalty against us but we took advantage and scored a shorthanded goal going up 1-0. Later in the period, I was able to put pressure on one of their defence and came in alone with the goalie and scored a backhand in the top corner above the goalies catcher. The rest of the first period we had a lot of penalties, which might be related to us being physically stronger. We had most of the pressure but were not able to score, their goalie made a lot of nice saves. Near the end of the first period, after a few mistakes on our part, they scored a nice goal.

In the dressing room...
The first period ended 1-1 we should have been in the lead. Our coaches said to not stress and to stay balanced within the team. We were told to keep shooting because we were getting chances and they will eventually go in.

2nd period...
Second period started with a bang, we scored in a few seconds after a beautiful sideway pass from Marina Sergina leaving Jana Kapustova with an open net and she made no mistake and buried the puck. Not too much longer after, Jana struck again, walked in from the left side and did a sideways move and put the puck in the far post. It was a good start of the second period and we had the pressure throughout the second. The French goalie played very well during this period as well; we had a 3-1 lead going into intermission.

In the dressing room...
We were told to work hard as a team and try to build off the first half of the second period because we came out flying during that time.

3rd period...
This period was filled with penalties, we had to kill off a 5-3 in the start of the period and we also had a couple 5-3 against us later in the period. We are a strong team and sometimes this is to our disadvantage. The only goal scored in this period was by Danijela Rundqvist after a nice play from Melissa Jaques to me to Danni.

Post game ...
The game ended with a 4-1 for us, it was not our best game. We will bring the good parts of this game to the next game, like creating a lot of chances and moving the puck well. A win is always a win and we are satisfied with that but we all know we have to come out stronger and play good for a solid 60 minutes in tomorrow’s game against the Swiss team.

Since we had a morning game there is a lot of time to enjoy this beautiful place. The weather here makes it feel like summer is right around the corner. We are lucky to stay at a very nice hotel which is close to a mall so there are lots of things to do. It is nice to have some free time to rest up and be ready for tomorrow!